In the Third Person | Documentary Film
Production Year:

Film Format:

Screening Time
62 min

Yoav Halevy

Artur Yakobov & Sharon Attias

Anat Tzon-Ayalon, Sharon Attias, Artur Yakobov

Anat Tzom-Ayalon

Director Of Photography
Artur Yakobov, Sharon Attias, Asi Oren

Original Music
Mark Eliyahu

Supported By
Second Authority Television & Radio, Israel, Makor Foundation For Cinema & TV, Israel

The personal journey of Arthur Yakobov, an Israeli-Bukhari artist and painter, into the depths of his own family, a family from which he was expelled as a little child and never got to know. In an attempt to piece together the shreds of painful memories, Arthur exposes his family – a Bukhari immigrant family, conflicted and divided, that preserves the dynamics of violence, jealousy, and cruelty between its men, women and children as they struggle and fail to adjust to Israeli life.

With open eyes, and out of a desire to reassemble the missing memory of his family, the reality that’s revealed by the film works in direct opposition to this desire, disassembling the idea of “the family” so essential and central to Jewish tradition, as well as to the Bukhari Jews and to Israel as a whole in the year 2010..
“A director’s personal journey into his own childhood and family – a divided, conflicted immigrant family. With a rare visual and aesthetic vision, the directors have created a unique cinematic language, both fascinating and moving.” - The Festival Judges
Film Festivals
  • Haifa Int. Film Festival, 2010
  • DocAviv Film Festival (Galil), Israel , 2010
  • Epos Film Festival, Israel 2010
  • Best Documentary film at the Haifa Int. Film Festival, 2010