Production Year:

Film Format:
35 mm

Screening Time
90 min

Yoav Halevy

David Ackerman
Based on a novel by Asher Kravitz

Supported by
Developed with the support of the Israeli Film Fund

In Developemen

The work of a soldier in the “Duvdevan” unit, the elite undercover unit of the IDF operating in the west bank region, is to serve as a human source of information, as well as judge and executioner, while typically wearing Arab civilian clothes as a disguise. Success depends upon the soldier’s ability to switch freely from his personal identity to the other identities he has taken on as a fighter and an assimilator to Arab culture. He must possess the chameleon-like ability to adapt swiftly and skillfully to changing conditions, without losing his original self in the process.

Staff Sergeant Yair Rabinowitz (26), a well-trained assimilator for the “Duvdevan” unit, who has lost, through Hundreds of operations and Dozens of short range hits, all faith in mankind and in life , decide to go out, on his own, for a long mission deep in Palestinian territory in order to “hunt down” the man who made him so - the number-one wanted terrorist Ali (48). For Yair Rabinowitz death and violence became a vital need. With Arab civilian clothes as a disguise, he puts on himself a new persona, became "Mustafa", a young Palestinian who is leaving home to find out a new beginning. It is the month of the Ramadan, deep in hostile territory, he finds himself alone in a small village, cut off from civilization. Mistake could mean death. Through a Meeting with an old Palestinian peasant ("Falach") who lived like his forefathers had lived, silent and natural beauty around him, working with his bare hands, and especially an unexpected love to Nadia (34) who discovered later as the wife of Ali, finds Yair sucked into his alias, discover in Mustafa what he has lost - the ability to love and be loved. When he is torn between different identities is going to meet Ali …