Dear Mr. Waldman | Feature Film
Production Year:

Film Format:

Screening Time
86 min

Yoav Halevy

Hanan Peled

Hanan Peled

Lead Cast
Rami Heuberger, Yavgenia Dodina, Ido Port, Dov Glikman, Evelin Kaplon, Roy Mayer, Ela Armoni

Director Of Photography
Valentin Belonogov

Simon Spector & Isaac Zechayek

Original Music
Yoni Bluch

Art Director
Jacob Torjeman

Costume Design
Rona Doron

Supported By
Israel Film Fund, Keshet Broadcasting, Wexstrust Capitol, Globus Group, Kolnoa Haskaot

In the early sixties, Hilik, a ten years old boy who lives in Tel Aviv, knows he and his brother's goal in life – to make his parents happy and compensate for the grief and lost they had suffered in the holocaust. Moishe, Hilik's father, chooses to believe that his lost son, from his first marriage, didn't die in Auschwitz as he thought, and somehow escaped to America to become President Kennedy's assistant. As he has never really accepted the fact that he is the only survivor from his family, Moishe is sinking back to his past. Torn between his fear that his father would abandon him, and the wish to make him happy, Hilik chooses to test his father's love to him, while accepting the risk of loosing him.
"Well-written and superbly acted, .The film's performances are uniformly outstanding. Rami Heuberger gives one of the best leading performances I've ever seen in an Israeli film as the emotionally wounded father…The excellent production design and costumes prove that Israeli film has truly come of age in this area. " Hanna Brown, Jerusalem Post
“The hilarious and heart-rending chaos that erupts transcends cliché. A scene in which two Holocaust survivors clutch together in an illicit embrace passes from broad comedy to wrenching pathos to stark horror, and the performances, especially from the changeling-like Port, haunt the memory.” – Peter Keough, Boston Phoenix
“Dear Mr. Waldman is about compassion, family relationships and loss. It is about death and resurrection, and about the ghosts we carry around in our hearts.” – Susan Jacobs, Jewish Journal
Film Festivals
  • Palm Springs Int. Film Festival. Usa. 2007. USA, Premier
  • Munich Int. Film Festival, Germany, 2007, European Premier
  • Jerusalem Int. Film Festival, Israel, 2006.
  • Reheboth Beach Independent Film Festival, 2007
  • CLOSING NIGHT FILM, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (2007)
  • Israel Film Festival, LA, USA 2007
  • Central New Jersey Jewish Film Festival (2007)
  • Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (2007)
  • San Diego Jewish Film Festival (2008)
  • Sacramento Jewish Film Festival (2008)
  • Denver Jewish Film Festival (2008)
  • Israel Nonstop, NYC (2008)
  • 3 Nominations Including Best Actor, Best supporting actress, Best Art Direction Israeli Academy Awards, 2007
  • AUDIENCE AWARD, Reheboth Beach Independent Film Festival, 2007